1. "Lymphatic Drainage Forever"

Duration - 60 min, Price - 60 BYN.

About treatment:  advanced treatment using special squeezing and pumping techniques to improve circulation, eliminate metabolic wastes and toxins, stimulate lymphatic system

Recommended:  treatment aims to help release welling in the legs, passive lifestyle, fatigue, insomnia, stress.

2. "Healthy Spine"

Duration - 60 min, Price - 60 BYN.


Duration - 30 min, Price - 35 BYN.


About treatment:  special massage of lumbar area of the spine and shoulder areas

Recommended: treatment aims to help release backache,  trigger points, general fatigue, difficulty in concentrating.

3. "Deep Tissue Massage"(Our speciality)

Duration - 60 min, Price - 60 BYN.

About treatment: deep Tissue Massage focuses on more specific areas of the body and during your treatment you can expect the use of fingers and forearms to be used to apply the needed pressure.

Recommended: this massage is used to release chronic muscle tension, muscle holding patterns and to stretch and lengthen tissue thereby correcting poor postural patterns.

4. "Aphrodite" ( anti-cellulite massage)

Duration - 60 min, Price - 60 BYN.

About treatment: strong, expert manual massage that acts specifically on the cellulite tissues.

Recommended: cellulite-specific massage can help break down scar tissue, boost circulation / lymphatic drainage 

5. "Relaxation massage"

Duration - 60 min, Price - 60 BYN.

About treatment and recommendation: classic holistic treatment recommended for stress relief and relaxation of entire body. Therapists use gentle, slow, long strokes to help you to rejuvenate and unwind.

6. "Cervicaobrachial massage"

Duration - 30 min, Price - 35 BYN.

About treatment:  Special deep massage of cervicobrachial  area

Recommended:cervicobrachial syndrome, pain, numbness, weakness, and swelling in the region of the neck and shoulder.

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"Square Elefant" - is a best place for top quality massage at affordable price.All of the therapists are high selected professional individuals.


Our clinical experience, coupled with a knowledge of massage art-forms and technical skill, is what marks out our first-class services. Our range of treatments means you can choose the best plan for your needs, and enjoy industry-leading prices.


Our Goal is for Massage therapy to be incorporated into people’s lives on a regular basis, as it is our passion to promote healthy living & lifestyle and help clients with Stress & Pain management by reducing the need for prescription medication.



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